Wednesday, April 4, 2012

E2/P2 Intern Program at KSU

The E2/P2 Intern Program is a nonregulatory, summer program designed to link top-level engineering and environmental sciences with business and industry. Collaboration focus on projects to reduce energy use, emissions and wasters, benefitting the company bottom line and the Kansas environment. Students work with a technical advisor from Pollution Prevention Institute and a host company to research E2/P2 projects that reduce or eliminate -

Energy use
Air emissions
Hazardous and solid wastes
Water contaminants
Employee risks

E2/P2 interns research effective waste-reducing solutions which help companies reduce operating costs, regulatory compliance burdens, and their environmental footprint. Through these projects, students gain hands-on experience in an industrial setting plus an understanding of pollution prevention strategies as value-added options for problem solving and environmental management.